At Tucson Barbell Club we are about community and supporting everyone. Whether you are a member of our team or utilizing open gym, we expect our lifters to support each other and respect all members of  Tucson Barbell Club and the Tucson Strength Community. We also expect all members to respect and be responsible with our equipment.  We have high expectations.


We have fun at Tucson Barbell Club and we can be an obnoxious group with off color humor and loose language. You have to have a fun sense of humor and a bit of thick skin at our facility at times. However, we will never tolerate hateful speech or disrespectful behavior towards anyone inside or outside of our community at any time. We support each other and always offer  helpful hand to members around us.


We pride ourselves in offering some of the best equipment in the industry. There are few if any facilities that offer the quality and variety of strength training equipment we have.  It’s nice to have real powerlifting bars and specialty bars to train on daily. Keep them nice. If you use it put it back. Leaving weights on equipment for others to put away is unacceptable. We love using chalk at our gym but if you make a mess clean it up. If you use baby powder clean it up.


If you are irresponsible with our equipment you will pay for it. This means accidentally dropping a bar on a box and bending it, or slamming down bars for rack pulls and bending them is going to cost you money.


Work in sets when possible. If you are on machine let someone work in. Hogging a squat rack for an hour by yourself because you have to take 10 minutes breaks isn’t how we work. If the gym is packed and it is possible to work someone else in you do it. It isn’t your rack, it’s the community’s rack. Sure, if you are 6 foot and someone 5′ needs to use a rack it probably isn’t possibility, but be respectful. 


Unless you are a coach at Tucson Barbell Club or Tucson Strength you are not to offer coaching services to any members at any time. Helping offering some assistance is fine, but coaching for money, soliciting services, or being overly opinionated on what others should be doing  is not acceptable. If you feel someone is doing something wrong or unacceptable bring it to the attention of TBBC Staff. If you are training people at TBBC under the table your membership will be terminated immediately.


If you are a member of the TBBC team you must follow programs that are approved by the coaching staff. Pulling programs off the internet and doing them on your own isn’t part of the program if you are a team member. If you are an open gym member we expect you to train smart and know what you are doing. If you are lifting with extremely poor technique or constantly failing lifts we don’t consider this smart or safe. If you are hazard to yourself or others we will offer you our coaching services in order to stay a member of the gym. This isn’t a big box gym of stupid training. It is your responsibility to get a spot when necessary and set up safety bars in the squat racks.